A CIA case officer struggles to hold his family together amid the turmoil of Vietnam, Watergate and the growing social anxiety of the 1970s. An exploration of a CIA family and the ever widening circle of people who intersect their lives, from their friends and co-workers to investigative journalists and political elites, to agents and the people who end up as collateral damage of their operations.

A CIA case officer returns home to rebuild his relationship with his wife and activist son while adapting to his new job spying on American citizens for the Nixon administration. But he is not the only family member with a secret.

..this script seems likely to find success with both executives and agents seeking rewardingly intelligent work.
— evaluator
The script really nails the time period and mood of the series, never getting self-referential or unfairly applying hindsight to its observations about the past.... suggesting a show unafraid of moving at its own pace and allowing the story to unfold slowly and deliberately, in a way hugely reminiscent of Mad Men.
— evaluator
Lawrence makes for a compelling lead: trapped between his duty and his family, but never feeling totally at ease with either, he’s got a strong internal conflict that pushes him throughout the pilot and keeps him feeling active and intriguing. The other characters are just as strongly written—both Elizabeth and Jean, in particular, show different aspects of 70’s feminism that make them leap off the page and give each of them unique and distinctive viewpoints and roles within the world.
— evaluator